Entrepreneurial Alumni Speaker Series @Home-Building Unity: The Transformation of a B-Boy

October 29, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Online (Zoom)

In this 3 part series, our speakers will dive deep into their experiences as an entrepreneur, exploring their success, failure and lessons.

About this Series:
LaunchYU has partnered with York University's Division of Advancement to bring you an at home edition of this series which features top York University alumni entrepreneurs. Each part of the series will aim to capture the real stories, challenges, successes and failures that they have encountered in their journeys.

These talks are meant to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EDUCATE the audience on the realities of launching a startup in today’s world.

About this Talk:

Michael Prosserman aka 'Bboy Piecez', managed to overcome a chronic neck condition while juggling taking care of his mother who was diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Michael took his anger and turned it into art.

In this talk Michael shares the transformative impact B-Boying ('Breakdancing') had on his mental health and within the community. Using his intuition and good old trial and error, Mike talks about building a grassroots movement using hip hop to improve youth mental health. He focuses on the simple yet powerful philosophies that built Unity from topics in his new best-selling book including: building the plane while flying it; designing grassroots programs with community, and developing teams that support mental health in the workplace.


The first 30 people who register and attend the event (you must stay for the full 2 hours) will receive a FREE copy of Michael Prosserman’s book, "Building Unity”! Please remember to opt-in at registration to be eligible.


Michael Prosserman, Founder, Unity Charity

Michael ‘Piecez’ Prosserman is a bestselling author, B-Boy (“breakdancer”), university instructor, and certified coach who specializes in scaling start-ups, team culture, fundraising, and succession. In Michael’s new book Building Unity: Leading a Non-Profit From Spark to Succession, he shares practical tools and stories to launching, leading and leaving a sustainable organization. He scaled a grassroots organization from the ground up as the Founder of Unity Charity, an organization using Hip-Hop to improve youth mental health. Over 15 years Michael grew Unity from a volunteer group to employing 80 staff, raising $7 million, and having an impact on 250,000 youth.

Entrepreneurs Panel:

Apply now to engage with our speaker live during the event and get your question answered! Panelists must be willing to have their camera turned on while asking their question and apply here by October 19th at 5pm. All panelists will receive a free copy of Michael's book, Building Unity.