LaunchYU Speaker Series: An Entrepreneurs Journey- The Growth Mindset

LaunchYU has partnered with  York University's Divison of Advancement to bring you the LaunchYU Speaker Series; a series featuring top York University alumni entrepreneurs. Each part of the series will aim to capture the real stories, challenges, successes and failures that they have encountered in their journeys. These talks are meant to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and EDUCATE the audience on the realities of launching a startup in today’s world.


Sheetal Jaitly

CEO & Co-Founder, TribalScale

Sheetal is the CEO and co-founder of TribalScale, a global innovation platform that strategizes, designs, and delivers world-class digital products, transforms teams, and co-creates disruptive startups. Sheetal is a seasoned veteran in the tech space, a leader in innovation, and an avid investor. He knows technology’s potential to transform businesses like the back of his hand and isn’t afraid to roll-up-his-sleeves and transform companies so they can lead in their industry. Sheetal’s career began with Keating Technologies and the launch of the Palm Pilot. Then, at Xtreme Labs, acquired by Pivotal Software in 2013, he led the media vertical and made a name for himself for his mobile expertise. He has extensive experience in scaling for growth, digital product positioning, strategic development, and investment.